Newsletter         updated 3/1/16

 A new year will bring back some previously done activities. On Wednesday March 2 and Friday March 25th we will have operating sessions during the evening. There will be no open running as we will operate the layout by making up trains, switching industries, doing transfer runs and such using switch lists. Members may use their own motive power as appropriate for the particular job or use club engines. The layout will be operated as point-to-point during this time. Consult your NEW Lakeshore Switchlist to familiarize yourself with the railroad and its operation.
On Friday April 29th we have scheduled a night operation. Room lights will be out and locomotives must have headlights .
NEW Apparel!
The club recently ordered new polo and t-shirts for club members. We also ordered a few extra of each in various sizes for at large sales to members who did not specifically order or for the general public to purchase. These are high quality shirts at an affordable price and we can do additional orders in the future.
Members-please remember that your trains must have current detection capability for operation.Freight cars must have resistorized wheels and passenger cars must be lit or have resistorized wheels in lieu of lighting.
CLUB CARS - We still have a few more Lake Shore anniversary cars. They are available for purchase.

TIMETABLE and SWITCHLIST   Bob Stoddard recently developed new  timetable and industry switchlist for the Lake Shore RR for us to use. It is available to all members now. If you did not get one, come on down and get one. We plan to use these in future operations.
3 new members added!!! 
A big Welcome to Jerry, Dale and Jeremy as associate members.