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To all club members, let's not forget to get ALL of our rolling stock must be                                 

 Powered locos and lighted cars do not need resistors. Cars under 65 scale feet in length need ONE resistor. Cars 65 scale feet or longer need ONE Resistor on EACH END for a total of 2 per car.
 Resistors are available from the club (they are tiny) and CA glue and conductive paint can be obtained from your local hobby shop.
 IF YOU NEED HELP, please contact someone to help you with your wheels and setup. 
  Contact GREG or PAT or TIM, someone whom can help you with this and how to do them yourself. 
 Let's keep our extensive signal system working well so that the Dispatcher will truly know WHERE YOUR TRAIN IS ON THE LAYOUT! 
 Added a page called Lake Shore Limited. This page will display Lake Shore equipment photos.
October 5,2012 was the Lake Shore anniversary run. Lake Shore equipment powered the railroad that night. Some pics from the session will be displayed on the Lake Shore Limited page.
Added a past events page and moved some texts and pics to that page.
Added some new pics  to the current events page.
Photos published on the current events page from our visit to the Garfield -Clarendon Park Model  Railroad club
1/1/16 New op sessions scheduled in January and February and March. Updated calendar and newsletter pages.
2/1/16 We have started doing monthly operating sessions on selected nights. Running the railroad as point-to-point, switching industries, doing transfer run between yards and having fun. We will continue to work on making this activity fun and interesting. The more members we have participating, the more fun we have!!  See the calendar for specific dates.
3/1/16 Updated calendar March and April for op and night sessions. Updated newsletter page
3/13/16 Updated Current events page, What's New page and Members only page.
12/17/16 Adding some pics and updating some pages
Added some pictures and updated calendar
8/23 Currently installing DCCSpecialties PSX circuit breakers
5/23 Started installing newer replacement LED signals.
6/23 Started replacing 50 year old portion of the mainline. Up and running on replacement in 3 weeks. Scenery yet to be added,
May/June 24 Currently installing new background in rotunda area and new bridge on the mainline